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How Can You Improve The Audio Quality In Your Videos?

by Genesis Soto

Sound quality issues can cause nightmares for those looking to create a high quality marketing video on a limited budget. Your video won't be effective if viewers can't hear properly. In fact, viewers are likely to immediately navigate away from your video if there is sound interference. Such faults in a video appear unprofessional and immediately turn audience members off to your offerings.

Try all of the following if you're struggling to create a video with good sound quality and you're not sure what's causing sound interference:

Bring recording equipment in closer

Sometimes sound quality issues can be remedied by simply relocating recording equipment. The closer your recording equipment is, the better it will capture sound that you want included in your video. 

If you want to record the visuals from far away but improve your sound quality, a separate microphone might do the trick. With a separate microphone, you can detach the device that's recording sound from the device that's recording visuals. A separate microphone also will typically offer much better sound quality than a microphone that is built into a video recording device.

Use a tripod

Using a tripod tends to improve both visuals and sound quality. The slight movements that a cameraman makes can cause sound interference. 

In general, a tripod should always be used to record a video. The only time when a cameraman should be holding a recording device is if movement of the recording device is absolutely necessary throughout the video production

Pay attention to background noise

Do some research to determine what kind of background noise you're working with. Use your recording equipment to record periods of inactivity when the only sounds are background noise. This will help you determine what kind of ambient sounds you're working with. 

​Ideally, you should try to minimize background noise or eliminate it altogether before shooting. The more controllable your recording environment is, the easier this will be. ​Although video editing software can sometimes help you to remove background noise, this never results in better sound quality than simply having no background noise to compete with in the first place. 

Listen to your video recording device

If you are using a camcorder, you might notice that it makes noise when certain features are used. This is especially true with a camcorder's zoom. Zooming in or out of a scene might cause your camcorder to make noise that is picked up by your microphone and interferes with your video's sound.