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Boost Sales At Your New Dog-Grooming Business

by Genesis Soto

If you recently opened a dog-grooming business and would like to alert the public about the services that you offer in order to gain clients, the following tips may be helpful.

Post On Social Media

Sign up for several popular social media sites and post pictures of the inside and outside of the building that you operate your business from. Be sure to include some pictures of dogs that you have already groomed to give people an idea of what they can expect if they choose to bring their pet to you for services.

Consider offering a special discount to coax people into stopping by and setting up an appointment for their pet. For instance, you could offer an additional shampoo session or hair bows to enhance an animal's ears during an initial session. Maintain your social media sites daily, and make changes as needed so that people are always aware of what your business has to offer. If you want or need professional help with maintaining your social media pages, consider using the services of a company that specializes in small business social media.

Place Vinyl Decals On Your Vehicle

Meet with a designer from a business who creates vinyl decals for automobiles. Before attending the appointment, select some photographs of your business that you would like to feature and write a description of the services that you are trying to promote. During the planning phase for the decals, provide vital information, such as the name of your business, address, and a way to be contacted. After you decide upon a design and decals have been prepared, clean the exterior of your company vehicle and adhere the decals to its exterior.

Whenever you are driving around, people will see the signage and may feel inclined to stop by with their pet/pets. During times that you are not on the road, park your vehicle in an area on your business's property that is easily visible so that people who are passing by will be able to learn what your business is all about.

Host A Meet And Greet

Create a flier that invites people from the community to meet with you at an event that includes a tour of your establishment. Include information about your business and offer a barbecue on the flier so that people who are skeptical can get a lay of the land before deciding to hire you to handle their pets' grooming needs.

Have several copies of the flier printed and display them in areas you normally see pet owners and dogs frequent, such as parks, fields, etc. On the day of the event, be cordial to everyone who attends and provide answers to any questions that are asked of you.