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3 Subtle Marketing Techniques For Attorneys

by Genesis Soto

You've probably heard those catchy commercials on local radio stations and television channels that encourage clients to hire an attorney. These commercials often rely on scare tactics or emotional pleas rather than facts, and this approach makes many lawyers uncomfortable. So, how can you engage in legal marketing without sacrificing your ethical beliefs? Incorporate the 3 subtle marketing technique below to attract new clients to your law office.

Utilize SEO on Your Website

Some attorneys build their own business websites with help from a legal secretary or friend. It's fairly simple to create a website that looks attractive and benefits current clients, but you also need a website that attracts new people in need of legal assistance.

Google and other search engines rely on search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, to determine where to send online traffic. SEO includes keywords, which are the words Internet users type in a search bar, as well as other important factors. An expert who specializes in legal marketing for attorneys online can help you figure out how to enhance your website with strong SEO techniques.  

Encourage Referrals

Nearly 85% of consumers say they completely or somewhat trust word-of-mouth referrals, so think about how you can encourage clients to refer loved ones to your firm. Some law offices offer a free consultation for new clients who were referred by existing clients, but you should also find a way to reward the referrer. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Offer a one-time discount as either a flat fee or a percentage off of services
  • Provide one free hour of legal assistance
  • Send a gift card or other small token of appreciation

Even if you don't utilize any of the ideas above, make sure you send a thank you card to your referrer. It's important to let clients know that you appreciate their efforts.

Teach Educational Seminars

Got a knack for transforming complex legal terms into easy-to-understand information? Share your knowledge during educational seminars. You can offer complimentary seminars at schools, churches, and workplaces in your community.

Make sure your seminars focus on your areas of expertise. For example, a divorce attorney might discuss child custody or asset division, while a traffic lawyer might talk about how to get rid of points from your license.

Hand out pamphlets with your office information and a brief rundown of the seminar's teachings, but remember not to spam attendees during your seminars. If potential clients are interested, they'll contact you.

Need more ideas for ethical ways to market your law firm? Reach out to a representative who specializes in attorney marketing services to learn how you can improve your legal marketing techniques. Visit a site like for more help.