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3 Ways To Help Your Ecommerce Store Improve Its SEO

by Genesis Soto

When it comes to running an ecommerce website, you want to drive traffic to your website not just through paid advertisements, but through organic search results as well such as SEO. If you are a brand-new ecommerce store, it can be difficult to drive organic traffic to your store. However, there are specific strategies, and things you can do that will help to drive organic traffic to your ecommerce store.  

1. Encourage Your Customers to Leave Reviews 

One of the elements that search engines look at when they determine how to rank your ecommerce store is how many of your products actually have reviews on them. It can be tough to get customer feedback; oftentimes, once a customer gets an item and decides that they like that item, they may not have a reason to come back for a review. You are going to want to make sure you give customers an incentive to come back to your store. Offer them a coupon or a discount if they come back and leave a review. Getting customers to leave reviews can help more customers find your website.  

2. Set Up Category Pages 

Second, you need to make sure you set-up category pages for your store. Category pages allow you to put the items in your store into broader categories. For example, if you run a clothing store, you are going to want to have categories such as winter jackets, long sleeve shirts, party dresses, and other categories.

Setting up category pages helps you target your customers more accurately. Don't just set-up your category pages randomly; use keyword research to help you determine your category pages, and make those category pages will help your customers find what they need.  

3. Redirect Your Product Pages 

Next, when you get rid of a product, don't just delete the product page. Deleting the product pages, and getting a 404-error message, will turn off potential customers. When you have to delete a product, redirect that page to another similar product, or redirect that product page back to the main category page. That way, you do not waste any time a person comes to your store with an error message. This will help you capture and keep customers that would otherwise leave your store once they see a 404-error page.  

When it comes to improving the SEO of your ecommerce solution, try to encourage your customers to leave reviews on your products. Set-up category pages to help capture customer's and always redirect, instead of deleting, product pages so you never lose a customer to an error page.