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  • 3 Subtle Marketing Techniques For Attorneys

    10 December 2017

    You've probably heard those catchy commercials on local radio stations and television channels that encourage clients to hire an attorney. These commercials often rely on scare tactics or emotional pleas rather than facts, and this approach makes many lawyers uncomfortable. So, how can you engage in legal marketing without sacrificing your ethical beliefs? Incorporate the 3 subtle marketing technique below to attract new clients to your law office. Utilize SEO on Your Website

  • Three Steps To Figuring Out Your Marketing Strategy For Your New Law Firm

    1 August 2017

    It is hard to watch daytime television without viewing several commercials for lawyers. In many towns, you are likely to pass billboards that show advertisements for attorneys. Newspapers and phone books also feature a number of law advertisements, with many on one single page. If you are opening up a brand new law office, it can be difficult to figure out just where you fit in on the legal market. here are some ways to learn a little bit about where you fit and how to use legal marketing to your advantage.

  • 3 Ways the Internet Can Help Your Medical Practice

    22 February 2017

    The Internet can be your friend—even for a physician like you trying to increase your online presence. Sure, there is a great deal of false information out there; however, there is also some helpful content that you can take advantage of. Here are just some of the ways the Internet can help you and your practice.   See What Your Patients See Thanks to constant access to information, after a patient leaves your office, there is a good chance that they will run an internet search on any condition or treatment options you discuss during the appointment.